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Hello World!

I am Jack Puttock a Front End Web Developer an Entrepreneur a CEO a Student

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About Me

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Jack Puttock; I'm a student based in the United Kingdom studying English, Business and IT.

I have a devotion for business and decided to co-found Arctane Group in 2018, which combines my skills into one entity. I'm a self-taught Front End Developer who strives for clean designs and happy clients.


I continuously try to make sure my business is next generation - giving us the clear advantage.

Front End Developer

I began teaching myself HTML, CSS and JS in 2015, allowing me to work in professional enviroments.


I am continously coming up with new ideas and designs for websites and various clients within my business.

My Experience

Arctane Group - CEO/Co-Founder

May 2018 - Present (1 years, 9 Months)

Arctane Group offers professional digital solutions for businesses of various sizes, from start-ups to large corporations. We aim to beat the competition on price, design and the overall representation of the product.

Front End Web Developer

May 2015 - Present (4 years, 9 Months)

Based upon all of the client work from this time up to the present day. This includes work that was carried out before I co-founded my business.


Coming Soon!




RUST is a a three piece rock band from the south coast who play with a twist of blues and funk! They released their debut single "Do Me No Wrong" in December 2019, and Arctane Digital (Subsidiary of Arctane Group) was tasked with building them a functional website to allow them to make changes (We decided to use WordPress) and to show off their outstanding work.



This blog is my experience suffering with the most painful chronic condition that exists - Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), is a chronic pain condition that may result in extreme sensitivity and pain to the hands and elbows or knees and legs, in particular, without an obvious cause that would explain the degree of pain.

GitHub Website

Bradley Reece

A simple, clean landing webpage. I predominantly work on scaling and fixing various issues surrounding the development of a minimal and functional landing page.

GitHub Website

Animated Gradient

Animated Gradient is a simple HTML and CSS only landing page, I incorporated various skills that I have gained being a Front End Web Developer to create a minimal community project.

GitHub Website

Millennium Takeaway

I developed the entire site as part of Arctane Group - Myself and Ethan Copping got everything finalized within a week of the client sending us over a preliminary design. I have continued to make various updates since the release of the website in January 2019 and the client is very happy with the end result.


Shakie Jakes

I completed various elements of the Shakie Jakes website as part of Arctane Group. The client wished for their website to be modernized after using Facebook and Instagram as the main way of marketing and getting updates out to their customers - We provided a professional website that satisfied the needs of the client, we also provide continued support for maintenance, etc.


Flippr (App)

Flippr was started after I discovered there was no simple way for easily purchasing and selling various unwanted items online - Mainly based on the demographic C2DE (predominately students), the platform would cheaply and quickly distribute the item to the correct match and is the perfect solution for an expedited way of selling items quickly. Flippr is still in the early stages but we wish to further develop this. Development ceased in October 2019.


The Hive Project

TheHiveProject was the first major commercial project that I had tackled under the Arctane Group business - The client sent us over the various designs that they wanted, and I very quickly began developing the given design into a functioning website. The client was extremely happy with the end result and recommends us.

Coming Soon,

More Coming Soon!


Instagram - @jackputtockk

Want to Chat?

If you want to get in touch regarding a project, or just want to give me feedback on any of my work, then feel free to drop me an message below.